IT Consulting/Software Development Support
株式会社 TCEコンサルティング


Kenji Yoshida

At a foreign IT manufacturer, I contributed to projects for Japanese IT companies and government systems as a technical consultant. Later, I managed multiple large-scale projects, including new service implementations and system renewals, at a foreign investment bank and a Japanese securities firm.

Subsequently, I founded TCE Consulting Co., where I promote DX initiatives from the perspective of business users for financial institutions and the distribution industry.

Currently, I am primarily dedicated to providing technical support and career development for young employees.

Hideaki Kawamura

At a system development company, I was responsible for the development and verification of in-vehicle software for a major automobile manufacturer.

Subsequently, I managed large-scale system development and implementation projects across various industries, including finance and logistics.

Currently, I handle numerous projects involving IT strategy planning, business transformation, and efficiency improvement, while also dedicating efforts to the training and development of young engineers.

Kazuki Tate

After graduating, I joined a fintech company and worked as a project manager on the development of front-end systems for securities.

Subsequently, at a major SIer, I engaged in cloud-based BaaS development for financial institutions as a consultant.

Currently, at TCE Consulting, I support blockchain-related business for major financial institutions from multiple perspectives, including infrastructure, application development, and project management.

I am also responsible for the recruitment and training of consultants and systems engineers.

Koji Matsuda

At a foreign IT manufacturer, I gained experience as a systems engineer, a pre-sales engineer, and a bridge project manager between overseas vendors and major Japanese IT companies. Subsequently, I served as a management executive at a foreign bank and insurance company, responsible for planning and promoting projects.

Currently, at TCE Consulting, I am in charge of planning and promoting cloud business and international projects. I also concurrently serve as the head of career recruitment for project managers, PMOs, and IT consultants.