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Fast Consulting for Problem Solving

We provide speedy, one-stop solutions for various corporate challenges based on the philosophy of fast consulting.

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IT Consulting

DX Support

 Our DX support services promote business digital transformation through collaboration with industry leaders, helping to build and implement efficient DX strategies. We enhance competitiveness using technologies like data analysis and cloud migration.

PMO Consultant

 We support client projects through the establishment and operation of Project Management Offices (PMO). Our experienced consultants ensure project success by optimizing processes, managing risks, and securing timelines.


Software Development Support

Application Development

 We offer innovative application development focused on user experience and robust backend systems. Our engineers have extensive experience in API-based payment systems (financial applications) and overseas bridge development in both Japanese and English.

AI Contract Development

 We provide customized AI solutions to meet business needs, including the design and implementation of business applications using generative AI like ChatGPT. Our expertise spans machine learning, natural language processing, image recognition, and more.

AWS Implementation Support

 Our certified application engineers offer comprehensive AWS services, from implementation to optimization. We build and manage AWS infrastructures tailored to client needs, emphasizing security, performance, and cost efficiency, and strongly promote DevOps.

Case Studies

Major Financial Institution

 We have supported projects as PMs, including the definition of requirements, system design, and implementation for a new crypto asset CFD service. We’ve achieved productivity improvements and cost reductions through business analysis and improvement, and recently implemented AWS architecture and BI tools for quick information analysis.




For consultations or quotes on business support and software development projects, please feel free to contact us via our Inquiry Form.